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FZR SHO Race Supercharger Wheel


Supercharger impeller

Yamaha SHO Engine-Tech S/C Wheel and backing plate

ET Race billet Supercharger

Yamaha SHO FZR FZS S/C Race 18lb Boost

18 lbs of boost @ 8500 rpm. Machined from billet 7075-T651 using a 5 axis cnc machining center allows a  blade accuracy of .001.Balance to a spec of .009 inch gram and comes completely anodized gold for protection against the elements(corrosion resistant).This new Engine-Tech S/C impeller and backing plate is the lightest on the market (105 grams) and lighter than stock (125 grams) by 20% This will help the clutch longevity. With this new S/C kit and with the Motec, 1000cc injectors you will be just under 400HP.

Rcomended is forged pistons and aftermaket high strenth rods.  

May require race fuel for colder temps or just a diferent timming map from Motec.

This Supercharger wheel and backing plate kit makes the most Hp and boost 17 to 18lb at 8500rpm depending on your intercoller and piping.

As of now the RIVA intercooller is resrtictive for this Charger.

Requires: Rising rate fuel presure regulator, High flow intercooler with 3 inch piping, Motec or a aftermarket ECU.

Important: We recomend that you use these bearings

Important a "HSK" blow off valve required to releeve stress off the clutch.

Price is 799.99


 Install tip

Installing a S/C wheel in the yamaha's are a delicat job and should be treated as one. In the assemble stage make sure you use plenty of Clean and good quality oil.
After you have assembled the charger. DO NOT start the engine until you have primed the charger with oil.
(There is a bleeder bolt on top of the charger. Remove the bolt and fill (Prime) with good quality oil).
After you have done this and you are ready to start the engine. DO NOT REV THE ENGINE FOR AT LEAST A GOOD 60 SECONDS.

If you do not follow this and Rev your engine on the stand before your Supercharger has OIL PRESSURE then you may wear your charger bearings out in a mater of seconds. (Damage the shaft and other rotating parts)

The FZR Supercharger spins 10 times the engine RPM.

Example engine 6,000rpm = 60,000rpm

There are some reports that some like to rev there engine out of the water after assemble, not a good idea.

There are new bearings available with the oil update (groved) and will be coated with a hard molly. Still requires oil pressure to take advantage of this new product so make sure you follow these step for a trouble free ride.



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